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Before registering a domain name you need to choose and verify it, which you can do using our services.
A good domain name accounts for at least 50% of your website’s success. The Coordination Center offers tools that will help you to make the right choice: WHOIS services, trademark verification, security checks and lists of domains that will soon become available.


WHOIS is a service that helps to determine whether the domain name you are considering is already registered by somebody else. You will also receive contact information to get in touch with the administrators of the domain names in question.

Domain information
Example:, кц.рф

IDN converter

Enter the IDN or its ASCII characters (includes the xn-- prefix)

Domain name
Enter a word that contains only letters and digits, no spaces

Other tools

Trademark verification makes it possible to clarify whether the domain name you chose matches (fully or partly) a protected trademark or a brand. You should avoid such matches because they may result in a dispute with right holders. The service also helps trademark owners to check whether there are any registered .RU or .РФ domain names that match the verbal component of their trademarks.

IDN converter. IDN (International Domain Names) is a domain name registration standard that uses characters from national alphabets, including the Cyrillic alphabet. Until recently, characters used in domain names were restricted to ASCII and included Latin letters, digits and hyphen. For all internet systems to be able to recognize domain names spelled using national alphabets, a special encoding called Punycode was developed to represent such names in Latin letters. For example, Cyrillic domain РОССИЯ.РФ will be represented as XN--H1ALFFA9F.XN--P1AI. IDN Converter transcodes IDN domains consisting of national characters into a Punycode string that consists of ASCII characters. To convert, enter your domain name into the Domain Name field and press Transcode.

Domain security is extremely important for any website. You should remember that the domain name you are seeking could have been registered in the past and even used for unlawful purposes. You can use our security check service to trace the domain’s history.

Expiring domain names are a very useful resource. It is not uncommon for administrators to opt not to extend their domains for various reasons, including domains with very good potential. These domains will be deleted and then become available for registration again. It is quite possible you will find your perfect domain name among those expiring domains.