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About the center

Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ is the national registry (administrator) of the .RU and .РФ domains
The core activity of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ’s activities is to ensure the safe and stable operation of the .RU and .РФ domains.

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ operations are to ensure the reliable and stable functioning of the ccTLDs .RU and .РФ.

The Coordination Center is the copyright holder of the “Main Register of Domain Names of the .RU” and “Main Register of Domain Names of the .РФ” databases, registered with the Federal Institute of Industrial Property under numbers 2018670008 and 2018670007, respectively.

One of the activities of the Coordination Center is the implementation of these databases by granting the right to use these databases on the basis of a license agreement to the Technical Center, authorized by the Coordination Center to register domain names in the national top-level domains .RU and .РФ.

What the “General Registry of Domain Names” is

What is the “Main Register of Domain Names” and what significance does it have for the functioning of the Russian segment of the Internet (Runet), the Internet and information technology in general?

The existing Domain Name System (DNS) has a hierarchical structure, providing for the division of domain names into domains of the first (top) level (Top-Level Domain; hereinafter referred to as TLD), as well as second and third domains levels.

TLD includes 3 groups of domains:

  • Country-Code Top-Level Domains (hereinafter referred to as CCTLD), which are created specifically for countries/individual territories and are expressed by a two-character code of the country or corresponding territory (region): .ru (Russia); .de (Germany); .fr(France), etc.;
  • Generic Top-Level Domains (hereinafter - gTLD), which are created for use by any communities or a certain class of organizations. This is, for example: .com; .org; .net, etc.;
  • New Generic Top-Level Domains (hereinafter referred to as New gTLD), which can be registered by a legal entity (in particular, a commercial company), a non-profit organization or a government authority based on the results of an auction. This is, for example, .cloud (cloud services zone); .app (application), etc.

Ensuring the stable operation of each ccTLD on the Internet requires, first of all, the creation and maintenance of an up-to-date database of second-level domain names registered in the corresponding ccTLD. Such databases on the official ICANN website in the glossary and in official documents of the Coordination Center are called “registries”

Organizations that carry out the functions of administration and technical support of top-level domains are usually called “administrators of ccTLDs” in domestic practice. The operator of the .RU and .РФ registries (the administrator of the national domains .RU and .РФ) is the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ.

The main goal of the Coordination Center is to ensure stable operation of the national domains .RU and .РФ on the Internet, which creates the basis for the infrastructure of the Russian segment of the Internet.

The Coordination Center, having retained the administrative functions of the administrator of the national domains .RU and .РФ, delegated the execution of technical functions to the Technical Center, acting as the technical operator of the .RU and .РФ, granting the latter the right to use the Main Domain Registries under a license agreement.

To fulfill these functions, TCI technically and technologically ensures the uninterrupted functioning of the DNS infrastructure in terms of the .RU and .РФ, thereby creating conditions for the stable operation of both the domain name system of the Russian segment of the Internet and the global Internet as a whole.


The Center implements various projects to develop and expand Internet use in Russia for the benefit of the Russian and global Internet community.
Summer IG School
The task of the school is to immerse students in the issues of Internet governance and digital cooperation, to form skills for participation in the activities of international organizations, thematic conferences, discussions
Project is the first information and analytical resource in Russia dedicated to information security in the domain space. NETOSCOPE.RU
Explore the Internet and Govern It!
Social and educational project for students includes an educational module, where information about the device, capabilities and principles of the Internet is presented in a playful visual form, and the annual All-Russian online championship for schoolchildren. игра-интернет.рф
.ДЕТИ domain
The mission of the .ДЕТИ domain is to create an Internet space of trust and safety, increase the digital literacy of children, as well as combine high-quality Internet content on one site. интернет.дети
Competition is held annually to reward journalists covering trends and phenomena in the domain industry, key events related to the use of DNS and other Internet addressing systems in their articles, analytical materials, video and radio reports. дот-журналистика.рф
Has been held since 2010. RIGF is based on multi-stakeholder interaction and cooperation of all stakeholders such as governments, the private sector, civil society, the scientific and educational community and the technology community.
Runet Research
Is a joint project of the Coordination Center for the National Domain of the Internet and the Higher School of Economics, dedicated to a comprehensive study of the Russian segment of the Internet development trends.
The international conference of administrators and registrars of CIS ccTLDs, Eastern and Central European countries has been held since 2008 and gathers to discuss issues related to the Internet, registries and registrars of ccTLDs from different countries
Show Authorization
Authorization - a team entertainment and educational show about the Internet and high technologies. авторизация.кц.рф
Discussion club "Digital Reality"
The Discussion Club was created for people who are not indifferent to a wide range of Internet governance issues: from technical and regulatory problems of introducing new Internet protocols to the responsibility of Internet platforms for the content published on them. YouTube-канал
Domain Patrol
On the доменныйпатруль.рф website you can get information on the recommended course of action in case of detection of facts of inappropriate use of a domain name, as well as contact the hotline of one of the competent organizations доменныйпатруль.рф

Virtuti Interneti Award

In 2010, the Coordination Center for Top Level National Domains established a special award, Virtuti Interneti (Service to the Internet) unique in the Runet.

It is awarded to representatives of the worldwide web community, business, sciences and the government who have made a significant contribution to the development of the Runet and the global Internet. Candidates are shortlisted by the Programs Committee of the Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF), and the awards ceremony and subsequent lecture by the winner have become a tradition for the RIGF program.

2023 2022 2021 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 and earlier
Elena Voronina Development Director of the Indata Network Technology Development Fund
Olga Uskova Founder and President of Cognitive Technologies, CEO of Cognitive Pilot
Bertrand de la Chapelle the Executive Director and Co-founder of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network
Jovan Kurbalija founding director of DiploFoundation
Benedicto Fonseca Director of the Department of Scientific and Technological Affairs of the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil
Alexey Platonov CEO of Technical Center of Internet
Sergey Plugotarenko RAEC, Director
Dr. Wolfgang Kleinwaechter Professor Emeritus for Internet Policy and Regulation at the Department for Media and Information Studies of the University of Aarhus.
Dr. Paul Vixie one of the founders of the modern Internet, developer and author of today's Internet protocols and systems.
Olaf Kolkman Director of NLnet Labs, former chairman of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), prominent Internet expert.
Dr. Steve Crocker Chairman of the Board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), author of the first RFC format, founder of the technical community of Internet developers.
Igor Shchegolev Russian Minister of Communications and Mass Media, an active force behind the establishment of the .РФ domain, initiator of the creation of the RIGF.
Markus Kummer Vice President of the Internet Society (ISOC), Coordinator of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), Co-chairman of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) under the UN Secretary General.
Alexei Soldatov Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Chairman of the Internet Development Foundation Supervisory Board, co-founder of the Runet.

International cooperation

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ is guided in its activities by global experience in domain name registration. The Center participates actively in international events and initiatives for national domain administrators.

The Center works directly with other countries’ national registries. It is a member of global and regional international organizations, where it represents the interests of the Russian internet community.

The Center also organizes annual events in Russia attended by participants from other countries attend in order to share experience and best practices in developing the domain and address space, as well as Internet governance.

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ works closely with various foreign and international organizations with which it works closely.