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Raising awareness and improving digital literacy are among the most important areas of the Coordination Center’s work. The Center develops various social and educational projects to directly communicate with teenagers and children, teaching them to use the internet safely, improving their digital literacy and increasing their trust in the internet in general.

Explore the Internet & Govern It online game


Educational project for students that teaches them how the internet and new technology work

  • Includes: an interactive website, training app, educational quiz and a nationwide online tournament for students
  • Opportunities: increase digital literacy, win valuable prizes and the title of an IT champion

Positive Content nationwide contest

A contest of digital projects for children, teens and youth

  • Participants: creators of websites, media resources, blogs, video channels, apps, PC and online games as well as social media communities
  • Opportunities: valuable prizes, information and technical support for projects, obtaining a quality seal for projects

DOT Journalism award


  • Participants: professional journalists covering domain industry trends and events
  • Opportunities: valuable prizes and professional evaluation of journalists’ work by IT experts

DOT Journalism - Young Journalists contest


  • Participants: children and teens under 18 years of age who enjoy writing about the internet and wish to try their hand at internet journalism
  • Topics: anything related to information technology
  • Opportunities: improve writing skills, win valuable prizes and have work evaluated by IT experts