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The Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ is the national registry (administrator) of the .RU and .РФ domains (Russian Federation) responsible for their stable and safe operation
Registrants’ actions during the cancellation of registrars’ accreditation

This section contains information for domain name registrants in .RU and .РФ when the accreditation of registrars is canceled.

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ (hereinafter the “Coordinator”) temporarily takes on the role of a registrar whose accreditation has been canceled.

During the Coordinator’s information support period for a domain name, the following restrictions apply to domain name operations:

  1. Amending information on domain names, including DNS servers, is suspended;
  2. Transferring the rights for domain name administration is suspended;
  3. The delegation of the domain name stops automatically upon the expiration date of domain name registration or for other reasons included in the Rules of Domain Name Registration in .RU and .РФ (the “Rules”);
  4. The renewal of domain name registration is suspended;
  5. The cancellation of domain name registration is made automatically upon the end of the priority renewal period. At the same time, the period of priority renewal is suspended by the Coordinator starting the moment it begins fulfilling the functions of a registrar whose accreditation was canceled, until the end of the procedure to transfer the information on the domain name to a registrar, but no longer than 60 days.

The date that Coordinator support for domain name registration is canceled, in accordance with Article 7 of the Rules, can be found in the ‘free date’ section in the reply by the WHOIS service .

The above restrictions are in force until information support for the domain name is transferred to a registrar selected by the registrant who is accredited by the Coordinator to register domain names in .RU and/or .РФ.

Transferring domain name maintenance from the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ to a registrar designated by the domain name registrant.

To transfer information support for a domain name, the registrant must:

  1. Choose a registrar from the list of accredited registrars;
  2. Submit an application requesting the AuthInfo code to the Coordinator’s email (the Application);
  3. Within three calendar days, from the date of receiving the acknowledgment of receipt of the Application by the Coordinator, follow the instructions in the receipt;
  4. Upon receiving the AuthInfo code, submit an application to the chosen registrar to transfer the domain name in accordance with the registrar’s procedures.

NOTE: It is not recommended that the transfer of a domain be postponed until the priority renewal period. The transfer procedure (pending Transfer) takes up to five calendar days starting from the time of the initiation of the procedure in the Register by the registrar, that is chosen by the registrant. When the ‘free date’ comes into force, the transfer procedure of domain information will be disrupted automatically, and the domain name registration canceled.

  • Application to receive the AuthInfo code from the domain name registrant, a legal entity (.rtf)  (.pdf)
  • Application to receive the AuthInfo code from the domain name registrant, an invididual (.rtf)  (.pdf)

NOTE: The transfer of information on the domain name to the registrar is conducted by the staff of the Coordination Center upon presentation of an electronic copy of an application that is signed by the registrant personally, or an application signed by an electronic digital signature of the registrant.