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Future Media Professionals Learned Safe Behavior Online Rules

On July 4, the Director of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, Andrey Vorobyev, conducted a fascinating lesson on safe Internet at the Baytik children's IT technology park in Troitsk. He told the participants of the summer educational session for students in grades 5-7 “Media Sphere” about the rules of safe behavior on the Internet and the protection of personal data. Young media professionals learned about the importance of the digital footprint they leave and received advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of scammers or cyberbullying.

At the end of the lecture, the children took part in the interactive game “Users vs. Fraudsters.” The knowledge they gained helped them recognize all the tricks of scammers and successfully cope with the tasks of the game.

For future bloggers, SMM specialists, PR managers, and media technologists, it is very important to understand how serious Internet security issues are. Today they are already creating media content and even developing their own websites, and teaching them correct and safe behavior on the Internet is becoming one of the top priorities. In fact, by conducting such safe Internet lessons, we instill information immunity in novice users and prepare them for active participation in the formation of a literate information society,” Andrey Vorobyev.

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