Explore the Internet & Govern It project to help unlock new talents

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ and the independent non-profit organization Digital Region in the Ryazan Region have implemented a joint project to merge two educational platforms, namely, the games called Explore the Internet & Govern It and the Дети.Digital educational network. Both platforms aim to boost the digital literacy of Runet users.

“The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ is actively involved in increasing the number of projects in order to facilitate the digital transformation of the regions. Under the Ryazan Region’s digital transformation concept, the Explore the Internet & Govern It project has become part of the digital career guidance platform Дети.Digital for supporting and unlocking talents. We hope very much that our joint work with the Digital Region will allow more and more children and teenagers, as well as parents and educators, to use the Knowledge website of the Explore the Internet & Govern It project and to raise the level of their digital competences,” the Coordination Center’s Director Andrey Vorobyev noted.

The Digital Region’s specialists drafted the Дети.Digital project with the support of the Ryazan Region’s Ministry of Digital Development, Information Technology and Communications. The project is a platform for locating, supporting and unlocking talented individuals who are well-versed in mathematics, IT and technologies. The platform allows school pupils to determine their future real economic professional skills using innovative digital methods and also to choose an additional education program from among those stipulated by the region. “Every child has a talent, and it is our job to clarify his or her interests and to suggest various development options, so as to unlock them completely. The success of the entire country depends on the success of every child,” the Digital Region’s sources noted.

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ has been implementing the Explore the Internet & Govern It project with the support of Rostelecom since 2012. The project helps various generations of computer users gain an insight into digital technologies, and to become experienced internet users as well as to learn how to safely surf the internet. The project also aims to interest school pupils in careers linked with digital technologies, one way or another. The project’s database contains useful resources on various IT-related topics. Since its inception almost ten years ago now, the project has involved over 150,000 children and teenagers. On its website there are over 130 games and 750 quiz questions dealing with all kinds of internet topics, including the history of the World Wide Web, online rules of conduct and the basics of information security.

The 10th Anniversary Explore the Internet & Govern It Championship is scheduled for November 9-25, 2021 under the theme Digital State. Registration starts from August 17.

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