Interactive modules of the Explore the Internet & Govern It! game presented at librarians’ webinar

On June 17, the Russian State Children’s Library hosted the annual interregional webinar that brought together over 300 experts from Russian libraries. The webinar was dedicated to the creation and promotion of video content for children. In her opening remarks, the webinar’s host Natalya Arakcheyeva, advisor to the director of the Russian State Children’s Library, Head of the WebLandia project, noted how popular this type of content was among children as well as its role in promoting various internet projects. This content is popular with the Russian State Children’s Library readers.

“It is via videos that children discover positive internet content as turned out during a sociological survey described by Children’s Ombudsman in the Perm Territory Svetlana Denisova at the Childhood Vector conference,” Natalya Arakcheyeva noted.

During their remarks, participants in the webinar talked about issues related to cybersecurity and cyberculture formation as well as the important role of libraries in forming a child’s personality and creating a single information and education space. Cyber literacy, education training and digital outreach were discussed at the webinar. The participants noted the contest of videos held recently by WebLandia as an example of creative cooperation between children and librarians in creating internet content.

Head of the Coordination Center Project Department Olga Yakovleva spoke about internet content preferences of children and teenagers discovered during research of children’s Runet carried out in 2019 by the Internet Development Institute. Games, streams, movies, cartoons, and videos are the most popular content among children. Olga Yakovleva also spoke about the Explore the Internet & Govern It! project and its interactive parts: games, quizzes, tournaments and contests helping to promote educational content aimed at improving schoolchildren’s digital literacy.

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