Russian Language Day marked at MSLU

On June 7, the UN Information Center in Moscow and the Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU) held the third research-and-practice seminar, Russian is a Language that Unites Peoples. The event was organized to mark UN Russian Language Day, observed annually on June 6.

The seminar was attended by Rector of Moscow State Linguistic University Irina Krayeva, director of the UN Information Center Vladimir Kuznetsov, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translation universities in Moscow. Students from MSLU Institute of International Educational Programs recited Alexander Pushkin's poems in the official languages of the UN.

Director of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ Andrey Vorobyev gave a lecture on Multilingualism on the Internet and Development of Cyrillic Internet Addressing as part of the event. He spoke about the role of the Russian language and Cyrillic domain names in the internet landscape and addressing system, and narrated the story of the Cyrillic domain .РФ delegation describing the path it has gone along in 11 years. Andrey Vorobyev noted the importance of educational and outreach activities for users and IT developers, as well as the role of science and technology cooperation with universities and international organizations in addressing the universal acceptance challenges – an important component of a truly multilingual and inclusive internet accessible to all users and in their preferred languages. Universal acceptance requires that all means of addressing (domain names and email addresses) are treated equally and can be used by all internet-enabled applications, devices, and systems in accordance with the accepted internet standards.

“MSLU has a tradition of holding this seminar, Russian is a Language that Unites Peoples, on Russian Language Day, and this is a great way to celebrate this occasion. The Coordination Center has been cooperating with MSLU for several years. The use of the Russian language on the internet, the development and promotion of IDN/EAI is expected to be included in the university’s educational program. For our part, we will be happy to provide any assistance in this process. The main conclusion that can be drawn from the seminar is contained in its title – Russian unites people, both in real life and online,” Andrey Vorobyev noted.

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