Results of the HostObzor 2021 forum of hosting providers and domain registrars

On May 27-29, the HostObzor 32nd Russian forum of hosting providers and domain registrars took place in the Leningrad Region. The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ has co-organized the event for many years, and its experts take an active part in its work.

This year the forum marked two anniversaries: both HostObzor and the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ turn 20 in 2021.

“All these years we have been developing the Russian domain registration and hosting market together and supporting the industry community that helps the internet industry advance,” noted Andrey Vorobyev, Director of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ.

The Domain Market section prepared by the Coordination Center was held at the forum. Andrey Vorobyev presented the report “Russian domain space in 2020: Results and development prospects” which had been recently published by the Coordination Center. He said that, despite all the difficulties, .RU and .РФ still preserve their positions: as of the end of last year, .RU ranked fifth in the world among the country-code TLDs and eighth among all the domain zones, while .РФ remained the largest Cyrillic domain and ranked in the top 20 of European ccTLDs.

The Coordination Center’s Deputy Director for Legal Affairs Sergey Kopylov answered questions dealing with law from the forum participants and drew the attention of hosting providers and domain registrars to the fact that it was necessary to be more attentive in litigations. Employees of the department for work with registrars and users Georgy Georgiyevsky and Yulia Demchenko spoke about amendments to the regulatory documents of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ and answered questions that arose during the discussion. Curator of the center’s youth projects Ilona Stadnik presented the Summer School on Internet Governance 2021 adding that applications will be accepted from June 1, and invited everyone to participate in the Discussion Club.

Andrey Savelyev, director at the Домены.РФ accredited registrar, talked about the specifics of the use of beautiful domain names as a way to promote projects.

Mikhail Anisimov, ICANN Head of Global Stakeholder Engagement for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, presented the corporation’s plans to open the second stage of the program. He reminded everyone that ICANN understood the importance of Universal Acceptance and would continue to support initiatives to introduce it. Mikhail Anisimov also described ICANN’s various projects in the fields of security and infrastructure development and noted the article by Vadim Mikhailov published last week: “RDAP vs WHOIS: Together or instead?” explaining that the RDAP protocol was recommended by ICANN for ccTLD registries, among other things.

Vadim Mikhailov, the Coordination Center’s infrastructure consultant, delivered a report on UA Readiness where he briefly reviewed the history of internationalized domain names and emails, spoke about the Universal Acceptance and today’s methods to test software for UA readiness, shared the latest achievements of the поддерживаю.рф project, and stressed in conclusion that a stable growth in the number of software products with support of IDNs and EAIs saved service providers’ and registrars’ efforts to introduce such support in their solutions. In many cases this is no longer an issue of intensive modifications, but just the correct configuration of system components. Internet involvement of an increasing number of users who speak only one language - their native tongue, and the need to hold a dialogue with developers on increasing the implementation of UA support in their solutions were covered later in the discussion.

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