65th CENTR GA held online

On March 5, the 65th General Assembly of the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (65th CENTR GA) took place. The event was held online, and the participants discussed the results of 2020, as well as plans and projects for the coming year. Representatives of the Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ took part in the general assembly.

The CENTR General Assembly elected two new members to the Association's Board of Directors. They are CEO of the .NL ccTLD registry in the Netherlands, RIGF 2014 participant Roelof Meijer and Director of the. LU ccTLD registry in Luxembourg Gilles Massen.

Irina Danelia, Deputy Director of the Coordination Center, who was a member of the Board of Directors at CENTR in 2016-2018, congratulated her colleagues on their election, “We have known both Roelof Meijer and Gilles Massen for a long time. Roelof Meijer, for example, was a participant and speaker at the 5th Russian Internet Governance Forum. Both new members of the Board are well known to all participants in the domain industry; they have been working at CENTR for a long time. I am confident that their participation in the work of the CENTR Board of Directors will benefit the entire European domain community. I wish them productive and amazing work.”

“A year has passed since basically every international event in the domain industry went online. 2020 forced the community to rethink how they organize events. The Council of European Country-Code Domain Registries has already decided that one of the two annual general assemblies will be held via videoconference even after the pandemic, and several European cities with the most convenient transport hubs for the majority of participants will be determined for working meetings. Of course, face-to-face communication is also important, and we will not avoid this in the long run, but the online format, obviously, will forever remain with us,” Andrey Vorobyev emphasized

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