GoDaddy released a list of its top public sales from October 2020

The world’s largest registrar, CoDaddy, released a list of the transactions signed in its trade venue. The company has resumed this practice relatively recently and publishes this information with a serious delay, which creates certain inconveniences for those rating major deals. This time, they will also have to make serious adjustments in last year’s results because the list released by CoDaddy is for October 2020.

The biggest sale was for the domain that went for a bit less than $1 million. It was purchased for $977,500 by STOFF & STIL, a big producer of fabrics, sewing equipment and accessories.

The domain changed owners for $150,000. It was purchased by Tennis & Golf Company, a producer of sports equipment. Its website uses the domain but selling skates on it (which the company also produces) looked a bit at odds. The domain is much better suited for this.

The sale of the Mumbai domain for $99,000 is somewhat perplexing. Its name coincides with that of India’s largest and best known city and could be sold for more. This is the opinion of experts from Domain Name Wire, who reported the news.

The sale of the domain is also noteworthy. It is primarily indicative because the domain name was purchased by Google for $53,900.

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