Best school outlets for using modern media technologies have been announced

On December 24, the School Media Forum was held, which was organized by the Russian Kosygin State University and the NASHpress school press news agency. The Forum was held in a format of virtual travel from the past to the future. The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ acted as partner for the event and also supplied prizes with symbols of the ccTLDs .RU and .РФ for winners.

The Forum summed up the results of the year and announced the start of the 20th season, which will include two key projects for children’s and youth press centers and television studios of the country: the Russian School Media Marathon and the Russian School Print Media Contest.

The projects provide an opportunity for schoolchildren to develop and implement their creative potential, learn to work in a team and increase their digital literacy using new tools and capabilities of modern media technologies. In addition they will also acquire skills to work in modern media, choose their future profession and improve the general level of education by participating in industry events.

In the competition of TV journalists, photographers, news correspondents, art and eco-journalists of the School Media Marathon, first place was taken by the TeleIdea Children’s Studio of School No. 1329 (Moscow) while second prize went to the Fourth Dimension media center (Zarechny, Penza region). The media centers of Gymnasium No. 5 (Balashikha), the Rovesnik children's cultural center (Chelyabinsk), School No. 2045 (Moscow), Classical Gymnasium No. 17 (Novosibirsk) and School No. 1358 (Moscow) won the project’s special prizes.

During the Marathon, some 930 news items, almost 9,800 photos and 261 videos were uploaded to the School Press Portal, on which individual participants and teams in various media categories compete with one another.

Out of 225 school media outlets that reached the finals of the Russian School Print Media Contest, 53 editorial offices from 27 cities, villages and towns of the country were awarded for their top results. Thirty-two schoolchildren and six mentors received personal awards.

The title of the Absolute Winner of the Contest was awarded to the editorial office of the Contact! newspaper of Moscow school No. 1259. Among diploma recipients and prizewinners for the contest category Premier League of Printing are the editorial offices of Lyceum No. 11 (Chelyabinsk), Boarding School No. 38 (Rostov-on-Don), Lyceum No. 67 (Ivanovo), Gymnasium No. 177 (Yekaterinburg), Classical Gymnasium No. 17 (Novosibirsk), the Gornostai Educational Center (Novosibirsk), and Dolgoprudny Gymnasium.

The young journalists were both greeted and bade a farewell by online guests – representatives of the domestic media industry, which included TV presenter Mikhail Politseimako, the “face” of the Vesti program Ernest Matskyavichus, master of Russian photojournalism Sergei Shakhidzhanyan, voice of the Europe Plus radio station Yelena Abitayeva, Honored Artist of Russia Karen Avanesyan, composer and performer Kai Metov and others.

The trailer and the full version of the School Media Forum broadcast are available on the youtube channel of the NASHpress school press news agency.

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