Fourth CTF Cup of Russia: Information security games completed

On December 12, the VDNKh Smart City pavilion in Moscow hosted the final of the fourth CTF Russian Cup. Alice in Wonderland was the main theme of the 2020 competition, and four teams competed in the finals: SPRUSH from MEPhI University, C4T BuT S4D representing Moscow, FAKAPPA team from ITMO University, St. Petersburg, and a team of schoolchildren from Anadyr, Chukotka Autonomous Area.

CTF Cup is an information security competition for school and student teams. Competitions are held in the form of a game, during which participants need to show their skills and abilities in programming and information security. The tasks the teams face are as close to the real work of information security specialists as possible.

The cup is organized by the Association of Chief Information Security Officers (ACISO) with support from the Moscow Information Technologies Department, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, Kaspersky Lab, Cisco, and Sber among others. The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ partnered the event and sponsored the prize fund.

This year the Cup competitions were mixed: all qualifying rounds were held online, with teams performing tasks in their cities, while the final was held offline with participants having to face two tests: hacking servers as well as searching for vulnerabilities in their own system and countering attacks from the rivals’ computers.

Following the competitions, C4T BuT S4D (Moscow) showed the best results and won the CTF Cup. A special prize went to FAKAPPA from St. Petersburg.

A photo report can be found in the CTF Cup’s official group VKontakte, while the ACISO’s YouTube channel contains a stream of the competition as well as interviews with experts and team captains. You can follow the news on CTF on the Russian movement’s official website.

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