People must play a central role in internet governance

The South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIC-2020) took place on September 21. This event, which is one of the regional forums on internet governance, was held for the sixth time. This year, SEEDIG was held via videoconference for the first time. However, it brought many experts together to discuss the policy on internet and digital technology in the region: from the digital economy to confidentiality on the internet and the countering of cybercrime.

The conference opened with a session on the governance of an open and decentralized internet. Manager of youth projects and curator of the summer school on the internet governance of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ Ilona Stadnik acted as co-moderator. The participants discussed the correlation between the models of the internal and global internet governance and ways of overcoming the differences.

The speakers at the session noted that the entire internet governance system is changing now and that the community must adapt itself to these changes, while maintaining respect for human rights and promoting human potential. The speakers also mentioned the need to be flexible and think fast so as not to fall behind the digital transformation. Instead of discussing threats they suggested focusing on drafting a collective strategy for innovation and potentialities.

Executive Director of the DiploFoundation Jovan Kurbalija, who took part in the session, expressed the main conclusion. He said the fundamental values consist of preserving the central role of the people in an internet governance model and displaying respect for human dignity, human lives, human rights and the fulfilling of human potential. He said the internet served to promote and continues to promote these fundamental values.

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