Preparations for youth internet governance seminar continue

The second introductory webinar in the framework of a youth internet governance workshop was held on March 28. Its facilitators – coordinators of the Club for Internet and Society Enthusiasts Polina Kolozaridi and Leonid Yuldashev – started the webinar by analyzing the answers to the questionnaire that participants filled out after the first webinar. The questionnaire asked young people about their understanding of internet governance, their interest in this subject and any related concerns.

The webinar continued as a discussion on numerous technical and social issues. The participants and speakers discussed what the internet is all about in technical and infrastructural terms, why the internet is coming under more regulation, what users, corporations and the state think of each other, and how their concepts of internet regulation differ.

The webinar recording is available at:

The series of webinars will continue on April 4 and 5, when experts from a variety of economic sectors will speak to the participants. They will discuss ethical and legislative problems in regulating information infrastructure and algorithms, data management, relevant cyber threats and ways to maintain global cyber stability, as well as the dichotomy of the global and local internet. The upcoming webinars will cover stakeholders in Russian internet governance and ways young people can participate in various internet governance processes. The facilitators will tell the participants about the results of IGF 2019 in Berlin and the plans for next year.

The complete webinar program:

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