Explore the Internet & Govern It! gains many new games

The Knowledge section on the Learn the Internet, Govern It! website has been updated. The project is being implemented by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ with the support of Rostelecom.

First, three new sections have been added to the game modules: Artificial Intelligence, SEO and GameDev. Users will learn the theory and characteristics of these technologies and get to know the terminology, as well as find out how each of them is used in various areas of life. As is customary, quizzes, tests, crossword puzzles, and arcade games will help users to apply their theoretical knowledge. For example,

  • while answering questions on Artificial Intelligence, the user will meet English scientist Alan Turing and learn about the test he developed to determine whether “machines are capable of thinking;
  • in the SEO module, players can try being a search robot in order to understand web page indexing and then make lists of the most relevant results;
  • the game development module will offer users the chance to try game design and write code which will help the game character move in a certain direction;
  • plus 11 interactive tasks of varying difficulty.

The co-authors of theoretical and practical materials in the modules on AI and game design were participants in the Real Project School 2018/19 project, held with the support of the Coordination Center. The SEO module was developed by experts from PICOM, an Izhevsk web studio and the organizer of regional IT career fairs.

Secondly, participants in the Explore the Internet & Govern It! project will be offered three more interactive tasks in modules that have existed from the very beginning of the competition. For instance,

  • in the module called How the World Wide Web is Organized the player will recreate the chronology of events to learn interesting facts about the evolution of computer networks (500 points will be awarded for this task);
  • the module called Creating a Web Site will allow users to peek inside a web site to see how CMS works (this is also worth 500 points);
  • in the Online Communication module, users will meet The Photogenic Shark, Zhdun (the Awaiter), Captain Obvious, The Suspicious Dog and other characters from memes, which have become a popular means of online communication (400 points will be awarded).

Explore the Internet & Govern It! is an education project aimed at improving digital literacy, reducing the digital gap between generations and teaching the skills needed for effective use of the internet. The project was founded in 2012. It is based on an interactive website, where users can use play to learn more about the internet and digital technology. The project also includes: a training mobile app, a quiz, a series of local cyber literacy tournaments and the annual national online championship.

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