New participant in Netoscope project

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ and Infosecurity Group signed an agreement that enables Infosecurity to participate in the Netoscope scientific and technical cooperation projects aimed at ensuring security in domain name use. Infosecurity Group is a specialized service provider working in information security, system integration, and consulting.

The agreement is aimed at carrying out joint research into the content, types and distinctive features of illegal information on the internet, improving ways to counter its distribution, forming a technological and information platform for cooperation of the Netoscope participants, modelling possible threats and creating common formats to exchange information about threats. Infosecurity will collect information about illegal activities on the internet and send it to the Netoscope database.

Infosecurity works to prevent data leaks, protect against zero-day threats, and support IT infrastructure. The company successfully introduces and maintains information protection systems in various areas, such as finance, industry, the public sector, and medicine. The group includes the Computer Forensics Lab, whose specialists investigate cybercrime and carry out tests to research digital objects and see if they can be breached. In addition, the Infosecurity Center for Monitoring and Response to Information Security Incidents has international CERT status, which allows Infosecurity CERT to closely cooperate with the international information security monitoring and response centers, swiftly receiving the latest information on threats and organizing effective cooperation to counter cybercrime.

Netoscope is an information and analytical project and platform to aggregate information about illegal resources in the .RU, .РФ, and .SU TLDs. It publishes the latest data on cyberthreats, and its domain database helps exchange information about domain abuse, which in turn assists in the identification and prevention of the related threats. As of today, over ten companies and organizations participate in Netoscope, such as BIZon, Dr.Web, Group-IB, Kaspersky Lab,, the National Coordination Center for Computer Incidents, the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), Rostelecom, RU-CERT, the Technical Center of Internet, Yandex, SURFnet, iThreat Cyber Group Inc., SkyDNS, etc.

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