Explore the Internet with Vladimir Institute for Education Development

The Coordination Center of TLD .RU/.РФ, as the organizer of the Explore the Internet and Govern It! project, signed a cooperation agreement with the Lyudmila Novikova Vladimir Institute for Education Development to promote the use of the latest information technology and tools in education and improve digital literacy among students and teachers in general.

The agreement provides for holding a series of tournaments, contests, quests and online championships inspired by the Explore the Internet and Govern It! project for school and university students in the Vladimir Region. Teachers will be offered the chance to take part in inter-regional research and educational events on using information technology in education, digitizing education and information security. School students, their parents and teachers will also benefit from projects on promoting digital literacy and the competent use of information technology. Together with the Vladimir Institute for Education Development, the Coordination Center will focus on developing and carrying out educational programs to improve digital literacy among users.

The joint projects covered by the agreement include a contest to develop a script for a lesson using content and the interactive features of the Explore the Internet and Govern It! project, such as games from the Knowledge section, quizzes from the mobile app and fun facts from the guessing game, etc.

These plans will take effect this school year.

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