DN Journal publishes updated ranking of largest domain deals of the year

DN Journal has published its ranking of the largest domain deals, which is considered one of the most comprehensive and reputable sources of information about domain sales that have been made public. The updated report covers the period from October 25 to November 7. The most anticipated event did not happen: it was announced earlier that sold for $3.8 million, and everyone expected this deal to top the list.

However, will be paid for over a 24-month period, so it is not eligible for charting yet: the ranking only includes completed transactions. Thus, the purchase of will take its place on the list only in two years’ time.

That said, the leader on the list is the domain, which sold for $375,000. Another “IT” version,, went for $25,000 and ranked 16th. This is not a record sum, but still impressive for Kazakhstan’s country-code domain, which is rarely seen on such lists. The sale of for $50,000 (ranked 5th, which is the best result for domain names outside .COM) is also noteworthy. This is the highest known deal in the history of Paris’s domain.

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