News sells for $160,000

Another big deal has been made at Sedo: broker Dave Evanson tweeted that was sold for $160,000. The purchase will rank around 60th in the current rating of DN Journal, but such a low position can be explained by the fact that this year was surprisingly generous with large transactions.

The domain was registered back in January 1999. Until recently, it belonged to a California-based company. The buyer of is unknown, but domain market experts believe the domain could have been bought by Fume, a company that produces vapes and nicotine blends (it currently uses as its official website, according to Domain Gang). If the guess is correct, then, while acknowledging all the harm caused by nicotine, Fume is nevertheless worth congratulating: acquiring a premium four-letter domain in the .COM zone, which completely matches a brand name, is an exceptional success.

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