Complaint on dismissed for the second time

Lukka, Inc., a crypto asset company, has lost its UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) for A complaint filed with the US National Arbitration Forum was dismissed. It is noteworthy that this is the company’s second attempt to get the domain name. The first UDRP was filed in March, but Lukka, Inc.’s lawyers somehow managed to write it without providing any evidence that the company had the rights to the trademark. Thus, the arbiter could not consider the UDRP based on merit, Domain Name Wire reports.

The lawyers corrected the complaint and filed it again, this time with the necessary proof. However, in another unlikely mistake, they failed to delete or at least mask a clear weakness of their position. The company was founded as Libra in 2014 and later changed its name to Lukka (hence the confusion in the first UDRP). The current domain name owner acquired in 2010 and registered a company in Korea that year called Lukka Co., Ltd. Given that another company is using the same name, there is little hope in filing a successful complaint.

The panel did not consider if this was a case of reverse domain name hijacking, although it must be noted it had reason to do so. It can only be added that the company used the domain and attracted about $75 million in investments last year. In addition to the legal costs, filing an UDRP is quite expensive. Lukka, Inc.’s investors might have to find a better way to invest their money.

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