Large businesses increasingly value domain names

Clarivate has published a report on its research titled, “2021 Global Business Survey: The growing role of domains in IP.” Clarivate specializes in intellectual property protection, including in the domain space, and owns several well-known and large services, such as MarkMonitor. The 2020 survey was conducted by independent research firm Vitreous World and surveyed 1,100 IT, legal and marketing decision-makers from China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US according to The Domains.

A third of respondents have suffered some level of cyberattack on their domains during the last year. Domain security was cited as the biggest challenge in domain management by over half (56 percent) of them. Large businesses understand that it is necessary to invest in domain security: 52 percent of all respondents said their companies had spent over $25,000 on security, up from 39 percent in 2019.

Two-factor authentication remains the most popular security option for domains. It is used by 53 percent of organizations taking part in the survey, against 41 percent in 2019. Businesses are increasingly using such services as blocking registration of domain names that violate intellectual property rights at the domain zone registry (registry lock) level. In 2019, this service was used by 28 percent of companies participating in the survey, up to 39 percent in 2020. Finally, 50 percent of respondents said that protecting their brand was the main motivator in registering new domain names.

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