Security of root DNS servers discussed at Infoforum-Yugra conference


Khanty-Mansiysk hosted the 2nd Infoforum-Yugra International Conference on Information Security, as part of the 10th International IT Forum. The conference was addressed by experts from Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Venezuela, Vietnam, India, China, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, and other countries. Infoforum-Yugra is one of the largest events held annually in Russia and abroad as part of the Infoforum National Information Security Forum. In terms of the number of participants, Infoforum-Yugra comes second only to the Moscow Infoforum.

The section Security of Root DNS and Other Current International Information Security Issues, which was attended by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media, Rostelecom, and the Chinese Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), focused on the existing approaches to servicing root DNS network servers and risks that threaten their stable operation. Mikhail Anisimov, Deputy Head of the Department of External Communications of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, gave a report on the current status and development trends of the root DNS server system. He talked about the latest initiatives on root servers, which were announced at ICANN61 in Puerto Rico in March 2018.

Mikhail Anisimov informed the participants about the further increase in the number of root server mirrors. He also talked in detail about the server hyperlocalization program and the ICANN root scaling project. This project will significantly reduce the load on the existing system and improve the reliability and stability of the operation of root servers. “All Infoforum events are among the most important Russian events in the field of information security and attract a large number of Russian and foreign participants. Infoforum-Yugra is another unique opportunity to get acquainted with the opinions and approaches adopted in other countries and exchange advanced practices in the field of cybersecurity,” said Anisimov.