ENOG 15 discusses IDN email


On June 4-5, the ENOG 15 conference is taking place in Moscow. This unique event brings together technical experts who represent various telecommunications companies such as vendors, service operators, internet providers, and others. The conference is sponsored by RIPE NCC and MSK-IX, with assistance from the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, which is a silver sponsor of the conference.

Addressing the conference, CCTLD Director Andrei Vorobyov spoke about the efforts the Center makes together with colleagues from many countries to introduce IDN services. This is currently an important issue in Russia, with a total of over one million Cyrillic domain names registered in the Russian domain space; their number is growing in other countries as well.

According to Vorobyov, the recommendations on introducing IDN email set forth in Universal Acceptance Steering Group documents do not correspond with the actual state of affairs. “Sadly, very few follow the UASG recommendations , which is one of the restraining factors for IDN domain development,” he noted. Vorobyov spoke in detail about weaknesses in IDN email implementation that vendors and developers of software and online services should pay attention to, and pointed out that the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ makes consistent efforts to promote IDN email services.

ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement Manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Alexandra Kulikova echoed Vorobyov by mentioning the Coordination Center’s active involvement in developing IDN domains in the region, saying it was one of the key issues at the May 23meeting between representatives of the Russian registry and ICANN top officials.

“The Center’s participation in the conference is an excellent opportunity to present the results of its IDN research to all members of the technical community and discuss practical aspects of introducing IDN services with ENOG 15 participants,” Vorobyov said.

The conference is underway, with its program including business meetings, roundtable discussions and participants’ informal gatherings. Follow our latest news.