Coordination Center’s leaders meet with Registrars Committee chairman


On February 27, Director of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/ .РФ Andrey Vorobyev and Chairman of the Committee of Registrars Robert Gledenov met at the Coordination Center’s office.

During the meeting, Robert Gledenov, elected as chairman of the committee in late 2017, outlined the main activities of the committee and the work plan for 2018. As in previous years, the main task of the Committee of Registrars is to foster dialogue between participants in the domain registration market with the greatest possible consideration of the opinions and wishes of all parties, including accredited registrars.

Andrey Vorobyev outlined the primary focus of the Coordination Center’s work in the first quarter of 2018 – carrying out the decision on the transfer of the powers of the technical center (registrar) of the .RU and .РФ national domains to the Rostelecom Group of Companies, adopted at the suggestion of the Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Media by the General Meeting of the Founders of the Coordination Center. On January 30, the Coordination Center’s office hosted a working meeting on changing the registry operator with representatives of accredited registrars in the .RU and .РФ domains. The meeting was attended by Irina Daneliya, Deputy Director of the Coordination Center, Alexey Platonov, General Director of the Technical Center of Internet JSC and Olga Yakovleva, General Director of the Technical Center of Internet LLC, met with registrars. They spoke in detail about the order and timing of the transfer of .RU and .РФ registries from one operator to another and answered questions from registrars. For those registrars who were unable to attend the in-person meeting, an online broadcast was organized.

Robert Gledenov noted the importance of holding such meetings and suggested that in the transitional phase, the management of the Coordination Center should initiate consultations on changing the registry operator on a regular basis. In order to promptly resolve questions connected with the technical functioning of the domain registration system, registrars have asked for representatives of the Technical Center of Internet LLC to be involved in these meetings.

Another topic of the meeting was the planned creation at the Coordination Center of a working group on amending the Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration in Domains .RU and .РФ. The primary task of the new working group will be to resolve the issue of changing the timeframe for blocking a domain name after transferring administration rights and changing the registrar.

Also, Andrey Vorobyev and Robert Gledenov discussed organizing a meeting of registrars with other participants in the domain industry, which is expected to be held during the RIF 2018 on April 18-20. The Coordination Center has already started work in this direction and will invite registrars to participate in this meeting in the near future.