Cyrillic email launched in .РУС


On December 7, the central office of the Interfax news agency hosted a news conference on the launch of the @ПОЧТА.РУС email service.

The event was joined by Russian internet commissioner Dmitry Marinichev, ICANN Vice President for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Mikhail Yakushev, Counselor for Science and Technology at the Indian Embassy in Moscow, Dr. Abhishek Vaish, Director of the Internet of Things Association Andrei Kolesnikov, and Director of REG.RU Alexei Korolyuk.

The new email service was presented by the man who developed the technology, Director of Data Xgen Technologies, Dr. Ajay Data, ПОЧТА.РУС Director Alexei Sozonov and Director of Imena Internet Sergei Sharikov. Russia now has a revolutionary new technology that removes language-related issues from day-to-day communications of Russian-speaking internet users.

@ПОЧТА.РУС is a joint project of the Russian Imena internet company and India’s DataMail, which works on equipment installed in Russia. Thus full-scale communications solution lets users send and receive emails using addresses of the type “Cyrillic name”@почта.рус in accordance with IETF-approved standards (RFC6530-RFC6533, RFC6855-RFC6858).

The Cyrillic email service will give an impetus to the development of IDN-domains, including Russia’s .РФ, worldwide. Director of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ Andrei Vorobyov congratulated his colleagues on his considerable achievement. ”The lack of what is called full IDN mail with a non-Latin sequence before and after @ was a major obstacle to the development and further growth of domains in national languages. Now that a service like that has gone online, we expect a second wave of interest in non-Latin domains, including Russia’s .РФ domain,” he said.