Akram Atallah leaves ICANN


Yesterday, Donuts, which manages the largest number of gTLDs (241), published a press release announcing that Akram Atallah will assume the role of CEO, effective November 12, 2018. He will be the second former ICANN top manager who joined Donuts: earlier it was reported that the registry will be sold to Abry Partners investment company, where Fadi Shehadeh, former ICANN president, is a partner. Donuts’ current chief executive, Bruce Jaffe, will step down but act as a senior advisor during the transition.

Akram Atallah was born in Lebanon and moved to the US after enrolling in university. He has extensive experience in software development and in managing electronic and communications companies. In 2010, he joined ICANN as chief operating officer and in 2013 headed ICANN’s Global Domains Division. He acted as ICANN president twice: before Fadi Shehadeh and Goran Marby. It is yet unknown who will be appointed president of ICANN’s Global Domains Division.