The author Jovan Kurbalija will present it at the Russian Internet Governance Forum in Saint Petersburg >>>
Irina Danelia, Deputy CEO of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, made a speech at the ccNSO session >>>
Awarding of the winners will take place at RIGF-2018 in Saint Petersburg >>>
February report prepared by competent organizations has been released >>>
The main topics discussed are the corporation’s strategy and budget for the next five years >>>
The program of the 9th Russian Internet Governance Forum has been set up >>>
Chairman of the Committee of Registrars Robert Gledenov outlined the main areas of the committee's activities. >>>
73rd meeting of APTLD members took place in Kathmandu >>>
The memorandum outlines the roles of each organization in operation of the Russian Internet addressing system >>>