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ITE 2024 Discussed Center’s Projects Aimed at Improving Digital Literacy

On the second day of Modern Information Technologies in Education (ITE 2024), Chief Analyst of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, Maria Kolesnikova, took part in the “Informatics and Programming” section. She spoke about the structure of the Internet and the Internet addressing system, as well as about Center’s projects aimed at improving the digital literacy of students and teachers. Maria spoke in detail about why it is important for children to know how network addressing works and how this affects the formation and development of students’ competencies. Based on the results of her speech, the section participants proposed developing educational materials for further use by teachers.

As part of the closing of the conference, a meeting of the Municipal Council of the Troitsk urban district in Moscow was held on “Safe Information Environment for Childhood”.

The meeting participants discussed the results of ITE 2024, and the Rector of the Academy of Innovative Education and Development, Olga Rubtsova, presented state-standard advanced training certificates based on the results of training in the “Examination of Information Products and Information Environment for Children” program. Teachers from Troitsk schools and the Baytik Foundation were trained at Academy of Innovative Education and Development, and now they are members of the Municipal Council.

In addition to representatives of the teaching community, the council includes representatives of local governments, the parent community, and the media. The experience of the Troitsk Municipal Council “Safe Information Environment for Childhood” is planned to be expanded to all regions of the country.

Increasing the information literacy of youth and children is one of the most important areas in our work, and the Coordination Center pays great attention to this. The younger generation cannot imagine their life without the Internet, but every day they encounter a huge number of threats online and do not always know how to resist them. Therefore, our task is to provide children with a safe information environment and at the same time raise a digitally literate generation. And increasing information literacy not only among children, but also among teachers is a direct path to solving this problem,” Andrey Vorobyev, Director of the Coordination Center, said.

The 35th conference “Modern Information Technologies in Education” has been successfully completed! We thank the organizers and participants for the interesting reports and productive discussions!

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