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New Issue of “The Internet from the Inside” Released to Mark the 30th Anniversary of .RU

A new issue of the magazine “Internet from the Inside” was presented at the 14th Russian Internet Governance Forum.

During the final session of RIGF 2024, the Head of the Press Service of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ and the magazine's producing editor, Irina Pyzhova, presented the magazine to the audience and spoke about the issues of publications in the magazine. She especially noted that the issue was released for the 30th anniversary of.RU and contains an interview with Alexey Lesnikov (Deputy Director of RIPN in 1992-2000) about how Runet began and about the people who contributed to its growth and development.

The main topic of the issue was quantum technologies. Readers will be introduced to the current state of the quantum industry: trends, challenges, and advances in quantum communications and the Internet.

The magazine opens with an article prepared by the editors of the magazine based on materials from the Russian Railways - “On the Development of High-Tech Direction ‘Quantum Communications’”. The main topic of the article, as well as several other articles, is trends, issues and achievements in the field of quantum communications and the quantum Internet, in particular this applies to quantum distribution of cryptographic keys. Other authors with their articles also joined in the disclosure of this interesting topic: Vladimir Egorov, Vladimir Eliseev, Alexey Santiev, Pavel Khramtsov, Valery Kiselev and Louis Hanotel. And a whole group of authors from Moscow State University – Andrey Deev, Alexander Kalinkin, Sergey Kulik, Alexander Miller, Ivan Polukhin – reveals the secrets of how quantum communications can be carried out through space communication channels.

Quantum technologies can be used not only to enhance data security, but also to break existing and widely used cryptographic algorithms. Therefore, an important task is the creation and implementation of so-called post-quantum cryptography using algorithms that are resistant to attacks using quantum computers. Alexander Venedyukhin talks about these algorithms and the prospects for their use on the World Wide Web.

Wolfgang Kleinwachter reflects on the issues of Internet Governance in today's realities. Is the global community, despite all the political, economic and cultural differences, capable of finding common solutions for the further development of our digital environment, or will the Internet be the object of zero-sum political games?

In the “Politics” section, Madina Kasenova offers an analysis of the EU strategy in the field of quantum technologies. And in the “News” section, readers can learn about the most interesting recent events on the Internet and the domain industry.

The Internet Inside magazine keeps its finger on the pulse of new trends and will continue to expertly introduce readers to the most interesting and relevant topics in the IT, telecom and Internet industries.

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