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IDN domains - the Way to an Inclusive Internet

On September 12, the 16th International Conference of Administrators and Registrars of ccTLDs of the CIS Countries, Central and Eastern Europe TLDCON 2023 started in Petrozavodsk. More than 150 people participate in the conference, which is held in a hybrid format - more than 70 participants came to Petrozavodsk in person, and the rest joined the broadcasts on Zoom, on the conference website and on the YouTube channel of the Coordination Center. The organizer of the conference is the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, the General Panther is the Technical Center of Internet. The conference is held with the support of MSK-IX, RU-CENTER and Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN).

Traditionally, the event was opened by the Director of the Coordination Center, Andrey Vorobyev. He greeted the Conference participants and noted that it may be no accident that the Conference is being held in Karelia - last year the tourist portal этокарелия.рф became the winner of the Runet Prize, and in 2019 the Kizhi Museum-Reserve became the central character of one of the plots of the film “Internet for Everyone”, filmed by the Coordination center for the 25th anniversary of the .RU. The participants were also greeted by representatives of the Internet design studio MediaWeb - General Director Elena Kuznetsova and Head of the Support Department Ksenia Panova. Let us remind you that Internet design studio MediaWeb is a regional representative of the accredited registrar RU-CENTER in the Republic of Karelia.

Andrey Vorobyev spoke about development trends in the Russian domain space. He noted the active growth of national domains: in 2023, the .RU zone again exceeded the 5 million mark, and the Cyrillic domain .РФ – 700,000 registered domains. He further invited experts from international organizations, national registries and registrar companies to exchange news, talk about trends, events and plans for the future.

ICANN Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement, Europe and Managing Director for Europe, stationed in the Brussels, Belgium office, Chris Mondini provided an update on the second round of ICANN's New gTLD program. He noted that special attention in the new round of the program is paid to IDN domains. In this regard, a lot of work is being done with countries in Africa and Asia to disseminate the ideas of internationalized domains among the population. “The emergence of new IDN domains will contribute to an inclusive approach and the spread of the Internet in these regions,” said Chris Mondini.

The speaker also noted the work to introduce the principles of Universal Acceptance throughout the world and said that the second World Day of Universal Acceptance will be held on March 24, 2024. The first Universal Acceptance Day was held in 2023, with representatives from 44 nations.

General Director of the Technical Center of Internet Alexey Rogdev spoke about the latest and planned updates to TCI products, in particular, the Domain Name Registration System and the Service for Auditing the Security and Correctness of Internet Site Settings (SABIU), as well as about the new TCI service that allows you to verify the electronic signature of documents. In addition, in connection with the latest SABIU updates, statistics were presented on parameters affecting the security of data exchange via email, namely DMARC, SPF and STARTTLS.
MSK-IX General Director Evgeniy Morozov presented the company’s new services, focusing in detail on the issues of ensuring customer security.

Deputy Director of the Center Irina Danelia, who is also a member of the ccNSO Council and Deputy Chairman of the Strategic and Operational Planning Standing Committee (SOPC), spoke about the work of the ccNSO. She said that after it was decided that not only traditional Latin country code domain registries, but also national IDN registries could be members of the ccNSO, the Egyptian IDN country domain registry مصر joined the organization. (Misr). She also spoke about the organization's work in supporting the implementation of universal acceptance and other areas of the ccNSO's work.

APTLD General Manager Leonid Todorov and Natalya Filina, who represented ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) in Europe (At-Large, ICANN - EURALO), spoke about the current areas of activity of their organizations.

The head of the .SU domain registry, Evgeny Kuskevich, spoke about various aspects of the registry’s cooperation with the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, as well as the fight against illegal activities on the Internet, especially noting the Center’s project “Domain Patrol”.

General Director of RU-CENTER Andrey Kuzmichev spoke about the transformation of RU-CENTER brands and the main tasks of the largest Russian domain name registrar, as well as how the project of connecting Russian accredited registrars to the Unified system of identification and authentication is being implemented.

Representatives of national registries – Pavel Gusev (.KZ, Kazakhstan) and Denis Otvalko (, Belarus) - and head of the largest domain name registrar in the Middle East AEserver Munir Badr spoke about their work over the past year.

TLDCON 2023 continues its work – follow our publications!

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