Cadet Spartakiad sums up results of first stage of Study the Internet & Govern It online tournament

On December 21, results were posted for the first stage of the closed Study the Internet & Govern It national online tournament that was held for cadet school students. The Cadet Spartakiad was organized by the Patriot.Sport Moscow Center. Study the Internet & Govern It is part of this Spartakiad. The second stage of the internet literacy tournament will take place in March and will be devoted to internet security.

The tournament was held on the website of Study the Internet & Govern It. The students completed 20 interactive tasks: answered quizzes, put together jigsaw puzzles, solved crosswords, etc. They showed off their knowledge on the history of the internet and internet technologies.

The Cadet Spartakiad is an annual event that regularly changes its format and includes four independent categories. One of them was the Study the Internet & Govern It online tournament.

The cadets will engage in the following activities as part of the Spartakiad this year:

  • perform the normative exercises of the Ready for Labor and Defense Russian Fitness and Sports Complex (GTO), including jogging, shooting, pushups and others;
  • take part in the Cadet Cup of Moscow cybersport event;
  • participate in the Spiritual Values of the Fatherland city festival.

The Study the Internet & Govern It website allows users to take part in online tournaments, improve digital literacy and find out useful facts about the internet and new technologies through games (the Knowledge section), tests (in the mobile app) and quizzes, as well as learn new terms from the internet glossary.

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