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A major update has been released for the training app of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, Explore the Internet & Govern It. The update includes 54 new quizzes each consisting of four questions of various degrees of complexity related to the structure of the internet, innovation, digital technology, the economy and internet-related jobs, cloud and smart services, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, Runet’s history, internet safety, cyberculture, digital literacy, universal acceptance, multilingual domains, and more.

The Explore the Internet & Govern It is available for three platforms: Android, iOS and Windows. The Windows version can be installed on a laptop or a desktop computer.

The updated app now has 87 quizzes with almost 350 questions for users to test their knowledge and learn many fascinating facts, such as:

  • In IT jargon, an isolated environment for testing websites, safe execution of computer programs or opening potentially dangerous files is called a sandbox;
  • In 1998, the internet received its own patron saint, St. Isidore of Seville, a Spanish bishop who lived in the 6th−7th centuries and tried to record everything ever known in an encyclopedia;
  • Sending out memes or funny videos is illegal in Australia due to strict copyright law;
  • There are four Cyrillic domains in Russia: .РФ, РУС, .ДЕТИ and .МОСКВА;
  • Japanese professor Hiroshi Ishiguro created an android robot that looks exactly like him and sometimes makes it administer student exams;
  • The world’s first rain-powered generator of 4G Wi-Fi was developed in St. Petersburg;
  • In 2018, the WHO included video game addiction in the International Classification of Diseases;
  • We entered the era of the Internet of Things in 2010, when the number of devices connected to the internet exceeded the world population;
  • The first item sold at the very first online auction on eBay was a broken laser pointer;
  • And over 300 more facts about internet technology.

By taking the quizzes, users collect points and increase their professional level, from a novice to a genius. Scores are saved in a special section of the app.

The app is free. To access the quizzes, one needs to sign up or log in using their VK or Facebook account, or their account on the Explore the Internet & Govern It website. It is possible to skip registration, but in this case, only 25 percent of the quizzes will be available.

Explore the Internet & Govern It is an educational interactive project developed by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ with the support of Rostelecom. The project helps people learn about digital technology, become an experienced internet user and learn about online safety. Explore the Internet & Govern It includes a game portal, a mobile app with quizzes, an online quiz, an internet glossary, online tournaments and the annual national online competition for schoolchildren.

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