Positive content: Practical advice

On April 15, a practical seminar, “Positive content: Practical advice,” took place on the official YouTube channel of Vneshkolnik magazine. Representatives of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ and the Smart Internet Foundation, that manages the .ДЕТИ domain, were invited to participate.

The Coordination Center’s Social Projects Manager Viktoria Bunchuk talked about Explore the Internet & Govern It, a program the center has held since 2012 together with Rostelecom, which helps several generations of users learn how digital technology works, how to become experienced internet users, and how to navigate the internet safely. The program’s goals also include encouraging interest among schoolchildren in jobs connected with digital technologies.

Since being launched, the program has become a diverse platform that unites various forms of education. For example, the program is based on an interactive website with games, which can be used to learn the internet easily and effectively, as well as the technologies it is based on, innovations, internet culture, rules for the safe use of personal data, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and smart technologies among other things.

In order to test user knowledge, program participants can use tests in the Explore the Internet & Govern It mobile app or the quiz, one section of which is translated into English, so it is possible to improve language skills while studying digital technologies. At the end of every schoolyear students are invited to take part in the online cyber literacy championships on the program’s website. It usually includes 20-24 game tasks on a current topic, such as internet culture in 2020.

“We also use social media as a tool to further promote the project and, most importantly, educate our subscribers. In our communities on Facebook and VKontakte, we talk about historical events from the world of internet technology and also about the latest news, well-known IT specialists and memorable dates, interesting facts and much more. And we also invite schools, libraries and universities to use our tools freely to conduct online competitions and quizzes during lessons and specialized events using our program,” said Victoria Bunchuk. The seminar continued with a report by the Smart Internet Foundation’s Project Manager Tatyana Novikova on the .ДЕТИ domain designed for websites for children and teenagers. The Coordination Center initiated this internet zone and created the foundation.

.ДЕТИ’s main goal is to unite high-quality and safe content on one platform. In order to do this, the domain has a two-step monitoring system that helps find and quickly eliminate vulnerabilities, as well as negative content that can appear on webpages with an address in the .ДЕТИ domain. Clear specialization for the audience, as well as the possibility to register addresses in Russian are other features of the domain, which means the domain name can be exactly the same as the name of the project or organization; such an address is easy to remember and use.

Tatyana also talked about the catalogue of the best websites in .ДЕТИ, available at the program’s official website, and listed several examples from the top 20: websites with the largest positive user feedback. The top 20 websites have high-quality content but also interesting design and user-friendly navigation, such as персональныеданные.дети and касперский.дети that teach users how to navigate the internet safely; the educational библиогид.дети and библиотека.дети that help users learn how to think critically and work with information; узелки.дети can teach children to read, and говорите.дети will develop their speech; recommendations for parents include здоровые.дети, монтессори.дети (blog on education) and поехали.дети (a tourism navigator).

The Top 20 rubric is constantly updated. Recently, футбол.дети has been added: the online representative of the Spartak Junior football school network. Children can take a test there to see if they will be able to play football professionally and sign up for a free lesson.

“The domain .ДЕТИ can be used to navigate the world of positive content but also to create it. To do this, simply register a .ДЕТИ domain and place your website about children or for children there. It is easy to register in the .ДЕТИ zone: just ask one of our accredited registrars and get this service online,” Tatyana Novikova noted.

A video of the online seminar can be found on the magazine’s YouTube channel.

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