Winners of the School of Real-World Projects announced

The finals of the School of Real-World Projects, a competition of projects and applied research for schoolchildren based on actual assignments from employers, took place on April 14. The projects were defended online.

The competition started in October 2020 with the Case Fair, where 55 employer companies presented 77 cases on programming, education, gamification, PR, marketing, robotics, ICT, software construction, psychology, volunteering, engineering and many other areas.

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ was among the employers: it suggested the participants develop game module scenarios on cybertechnologies for one of its education projects: Explore the Internet & Govern It!

The teams worked on the game scenarios for six months, and three of them made it to the finals. Following the final defense, where representatives of the Coordination Center acted as experts, the results are as follows:

  • 1st place: Team from the People's Diplomacy Lyceum from Syktyvkar, module: Viruses and Antiviruses
  • 2ndplace: Team from the Smolensk Regional Technological Academy, module: Internet in Banking Services
  • 3rd place: Team from School No. 1476, Moscow, module: Programming Languages

“All the teams have chosen interesting and necessary topics. They have worked hard on the projects. It was difficult to select the best one. The contest had several elements, and it was important to show good results at all stages. It was not only about choosing and developing the topic and working on the implementation scenario, but also about giving an excellent presentation of their work. And although all the participants still have room for improvement, the work they presented is worthy of becoming part of the Explore the Internet & Govern It! project. I want to thank all the participants. Keep creating, developing and improving your skills!” said Tatyana Novikova, project manager at the Coordination Center, who took part in the defense as a member of the expert commission.

“The final defense of the projects and the results of their work is always a sensitive and psychologically challenging task for the participants. All the teams passed it with flying colors and managed to represent their schools well. It is nice to see that even today schoolchildren and students are developing skills in the area of project and product approach, which they will be able to use in the future, when implementing important projects for the state and society,” said Olga Yakovleva, head of the Coordination Center’s project department, who was also on the expert commission of the School of Real-World Projects.

The winners will receive devices that they can use when studying and relaxing, as well as souvenirs and certificates, from the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ. Moreover, after finalizing the content, developing the design and programming the game mechanics, the winning teams’ scenarios will be published on the website of the Explore the Internet & Govern It! project in the Knowledge section with the names of the creators.

The Coordination Center has taken part in the School of Real-World Projects for the fifth time. The schoolchildren’s teams have already created 10 game modules for the Knowledge section as well as many tests for the mobile app and rounds for the education quiz of the Explore the Internet & Govern It! project.

The School of Real-World Projects was held for the ninth time during the 2020-2021 academic year. As per tradition, it was organized by the Moscow Department of Information Technology and Education, the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, MISiS, and the School of New Technologies, with the support of Oleg Deripaska’s Volnoe Delo Foundation. About 800 teams from 25 regions of Russia took part in the contest.

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