Digital Dictation 2021 kicks off in Russia

The third nationwide event to test user knowledge of internet technologies, Digital Dictation 2021, will take place on April 9-24. It is organized by RAEC, Microsoft and the Russian Popular Front with support of 20.35 University, the Human Resources for the Digital Economy project and the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ.

Users will be divided into four age groups: children (7-13), teenagers (14-17), adults (18+) and seniors (60+); they will be able to test their skills in working with a computer and other digital devices, compliance with internet safety rules and knowledge of the network communication culture.

Since its launch, Digital Dictation has become an educational multiplatform: the project’s website has a library on digital literacy, Хочу все знать, and a regularly updated Map of Digital Opportunities with programs and courses on how to improve digital skills in various formats.

“In 2020, the number of dictation participants increased by eight times. We hope this year even more will be tested to learn how they have improved their digital literacy, because, as we have seen, even the most experienced users have doubts during the test. Technologies and services change every year, so it is important not to stop improving your competency. The Хочу все знать library and the Map of Digital Opportunities will help update this knowledge,” said Sergei Grebennikov, head of the Digital Dictation project.

“Even skilled internet navigators can often blank out when facing online fraud, deception, or bullying. Thus, when holding Digital Dictation, we aim at providing as much practical information and advice as possible to protect against online risks and increase the overall level of digital culture. Regardless of age or level of technology use, each participant will be able to learn something new and useful,” said Elza Ganeyeva, Government Affairs Manager at Microsoft Russia.

“We have supported Digital Dictation since the very first event in 2019. It is an entertaining and effective format that helps users learn about gaps in their IT knowledge. As active internet users, we think we have learned the technology, the rules of safe surfing, and internet culture, but Digital Dictation always identifies weak sports and makes us constantly improve our digital skills. This year, on the Coordination Center’s 20th anniversary, we have once again offered dictation participants of all age groups questions on the domain industry and on Russian domain space registrant’s activities. By answering the questions, you can learn how to register a domain and not to lose this digital property later, as well as where to turn when facing phishing resources,” said Andrey Vorobyev, Director of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ.

Digital Dictation 2021 has four blocks: the first is on digital use and the basics of digital literacy, the second is on digital competencies, the third is on cybersecurity, and the fourth is on new technologies.

After the event, on April 25, the Corrections section will open on the Digital Dictation’s website for the participants who passed the test. It will help them create a personal development strategy to work on their knowledge and skill gaps.

Follow the updates on Digital Dictation at the event’s website, as well as its accounts on VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

In 2020, Digital Dictation became the largest IT knowledge test in Russia, with over 330,000 participants (against 39,000 in 2019). The average level of a participant’s digital literacy in the 2020 campaign was 7.25 points out of 10 possible (in 2019, 7.15). At the initiative of the Coordination Center, several issues from last year's action were on the Cyrillic ccTLD .РФ, which marked its 10th anniversary in 2020.

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