HostObzor celebrates its 20th anniversary with an online party

On March 1, Russian IT experts celebrated Hosting Provider Day for the tenth time, a professional day that was first announced in 2011. One of the initiators of this professional day was Pyotr Palamarchuk, the founder and permanent director of HostObzor, which will mark its 20th anniversary in 2021. Thus, it was decided to celebrate Hosting Provider Day with an online party for the local internet community to acknowledge this anniversary.

The party was attended by all those involved in the project – the organizers and participants of over 30 meetings with hosts, providers and domain name registrars. Offline meetings were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, so it was all the more interesting to see the faces of colleagues, friends and partners via Zoom. The participants shared their memories with viewers, shared what they were doing and described their new projects.

“An unofficial holiday is fun because it is informal and does not follow any rigid guidelines. This is why the communication between IT professionals was both interesting and sincere. “There are no former hosts.” This explains why the forum was attended by many industry veterans who no longer work for hosting providers but continue to follow the developments and are friends with their former colleagues. In turn, we are always interested in hearing their views and predictions on the development of the Russian market of hosting and domain registration,” said Coordination Center Director Andrey Vorobyev.

Mikhail Anisimov, Head of ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, congratulated HostObzor on its anniversary. He has taken part in several HostObzor forums.

Anisimov said, “The hosting industry in Russia is an example of a close-knit professional community. Sectoral meetings carry the industry forward, and HostObzor plays an important role in its development. Hosting is the backbone of the internet and I wish further steady and sustainable development to Russian companies.”

Incidentally, HostObzor and the Coordination Center are the same age; the latter will also celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. Head of the Center’s Department on Relations with Registrars, Georgy Georgiyevsky, described the road traveled in the last 20 years by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU /.РФ. Andrey Vorobyov invited all those present to take part in the 11th Russian Internet Governance Forum on April 7-9 and the Russian internet forum on May 19-22.

Meanwhile, Pyotr Palamarchuk promised that HostObzor would resume personal offline meetings this year – the next one is scheduled for May.

We would like to congratulate HostObzor on its 20th anniversary once again and wish it further success.

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