New section of ‘Study the Internet & Govern It’ quiz for young netizens

The quiz on the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ portal ‘Study the Internet & Govern It’ has a new section, .ДЕТИ (Children): it consists of three rounds, the questions of which are on digital technologies and designed for young users aged 9 to 12. The section is named after the Cyrillic domain .ДЕТИ, intended for teenager and children's websites. In addition, specialists from the Smart Internet Foundation, which manages the children's domain space, helped prepare questions for the quiz.

Among the topics covered by the new section are computer structure, devices, online education, instant messengers and social networks, online games, cyber culture, and IT occupations. One of the question categories is on the safe use of websites and applications. Another section is related to the Russian language – young users will be able to see if they can spell and pronounce internet-related words correctly.

Through answering the questions, users will not only test their knowledge, but also learn many interesting facts; for example:

  • The system unit is not just a "box" for storing the main computer components (motherboard, video, audio and network card, hard drive, power supply, etc.); it also protects computer components from damage, maintains the required temperature and protects the user from electromagnetic radiation;
  • An SMM specialist promotes a company, a project or a separate product on social networks and messengers;
  • The F5 key will help refresh a site page opened in any browser;
  • Wireless headphones are connected to a smartphone or laptop through Bluetooth;
  • A video clip in which a player or a group of players demonstrate and comment on the progress of a computer game is called a letsplay;
  • The most reliable password is, first, a long one (more than 8 characters), and second, it consists of letters with different cases, special characters and mixed numbers;
  • And 70+ more facts about digital technology.

“Our quiz is not only a competition but also a useful form of education. It doesn’t matter if a player cannot give the right answer immediately, because the new information that he or she receives in a laconic form, competing, will be stored in his or her memory and may be useful in the future – this will broaden his or her horizons,” says Viktoria Bunchuk, head of the project. “We have been asked for a long time to make a section with easier questions, so novice internet users can participate in the quiz. And now, having partnered with the .ДЕТИ domain, we finally did it. We think children 9 and up will be able to go through the questions faster. Although, studies show that today’s children begin to go online or use applications at 4-5 years old. So, it’s possible that the questions will not be difficult for very young users.”

After launching the new section .ДЕТИ, the quiz has five sections:

  • Main, which presents questions on all possible topics related to the internet and digital technology
  • 25.RU, launched for the 25th anniversary of ccTLD .RU, the questions are on Runet – history, technologies, people and services
  • IDN – about linguistic and cultural diversity on the web, non-Latin domain names and the second ccTLD of Russia, Cyrillic .РФ
  • ENG, the questions in this section are translated into English: users can improve not only their digital literacy but also their English.

This quiz is open to all users: simply register or log in on the ‘Study the Internet & Govern It’ site. The quiz is recommended for use as leisure time, as a school lesson or for specialized educational events.

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