New educational games launched on Study the Internet & Govern It portal

The Knowledge interactive section has been updated on the Study the Internet & Govern It portal, an educational project of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ. The game modules now include three new topics – Internet Culture, Universal Acceptance and Digital State, with 15 new games that will help users learn the most important facts and get practical advice. Each game consists of two parts – theoretical and practical tasks.

By studying the theory, players can learn about the features, structure and developers of various technologies, as well as find out how the technology is useful, how it is applied in different spheres of human activity, and what changes it brings. Puzzles, tests, crosswords and arcade games will help users consolidate their theoretical knowledge. For example,

  • answering the quiz questions in the Universal Acceptance module, players will get acquainted with the history of encoding and the main character encoding symbols that are used, for example, in internet addressing systems. From the quiz, users will also find out if there is a Russian-language version of Morse code, what the KOI-8 encoding was intended for and what characters Unicode can encode (spoiler: characters of almost all written world languages and even more!);
  • in the Internet Culture module, players will act as a futurologist to predict which jobs related to digital technologies will appear in the near future, as well as test their digital skills and learn how to set up a home router;
  • in the Digital State module, users will look for errors on the government services portal, research the smart city concept and the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national program, guess which facts about telemedicine are true, and also solve a crossword, answering questions about electronic elections;
  • in addition, players will enjoy seven interactive tasks of varying difficulty.

The theory and practical tasks in the Universal Acceptance module were developed by Maria Kolesnikova, chief analyst at the Coordination Center and Chair of the Communications Working Group of the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG), and Vadim Mikhailov, technical expert at the Coordination Center. They were co-authored by the winners of the School of Real-World Projects 2019/2020, a competition of projects and applied research for schoolchildren based on real-life tasks of employers. The participants of the School of Real-World Projects also worked on the topic of cyber culture and the digital state. The Coordination Center has supported the competition for several years in a row, inviting school teams to develop game scenarios for the Study the Internet & Govern It project.

The games in the Knowledge section are available to absolutely all users. To complete the tasks, all you need to do is log in or register on the website of the Study the Internet & Govern It project.

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