Registration speed of coronavirus-related domains in .RU and .РФ remains slow

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ continues to monitor the registration of domain names in .RU и .РФ ccTLDs related to COVID-19 and measures to slow down the pandemic.
Over the last month, 205 coronavirus-related domains were registered in .RU and 23 in .РФ. There was a total increase of 228 domain names in August, which is a bit more than 50 registrations per week. The number is almost the same as in July, when 30 fewer “coronavirus” domains were registered.

In August, the monitoring included various Russian and Latin spellings of the word “vaccine,” but this addition did not have a strong impact on the overall result, since the word “vaccine” alone is used in separate cases, and domains with a combination of other words have already been included in the monitoring results (for example, “covid-vaccine”). In total, 15 vaccine-related domains were identified in August.

Over the eight months of monitoring in .RU and .РФ (January-August 2020), 4,171 domain names were added to the list of domains containing words such as corona, covid, pandemic, gosuslugi, payments, корона, ковид, госуслуги, выплата and пандемия in .RU and 858 in .РФ, out of a total of 5,029 coronavirus-related domains.

The monitoring is aimed at identifying suspicious domain names and reducing possible harm from them, with the help of the institute of competent organizations. For example, Kaspersky Lab, a cybersecurity company that is participating in the Netoscope project, flagged 1,870 coronavirus-related domains (1,569 in .RU and 301 in .РФ) with a “data loss threat” in its products. This amounts to 40 percent of the total number of coronavirus-related domains. In August, 15 domains with the word “vaccine” were included in the monitoring, with six of them identified as “malicious.”

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