Registrations of coronavirus-related domains slows down

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ continues to monitor the registrations of domain names in .RU and .РФ related to COVID-19 and measures to hold down the spread of it in Russia.
Over the six days that passed since the last monitoring of the ccTLDs, 183 such domains were registered in .RU and 43 in .РФ. The number of coronavirus-related domains in the .RU and .РФ ccTLDs increased by 226, which can be compared with last week, when 278 names were added to the list of suspicious domains (this is data for seven days;  if equal periods are compared, the increase over the previous six days was about 230 domains.)
This means therefore that as of April 28, 2020, 3,015 such domains were registered in .RU and 677 in .РФ. The total number of coronavirus-related domains in the .RU and .РФ ccTLDs comes to 3,692.

The aim of this monitoring is to discover suspicious registrations in .RU and .РФ and to decrease the potential level of damage from them using the institute of competent organizations.

For example, to date Kaspersky Lab, which is a competent organization participating in the Netoscope scientific and technical project, flagged 1,548 coronavirus-related domains in .RU and 292 domains in .РФ with “threat of data loss” in its products (the number has increased by 92 since the previous check). This means that all devices with Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus will receive updates on these domains and warn all visitors about the potential threat.
Advice from internet security specialists on ways to protect oneself from cybercriminals during the pandemic and in the future and the instruction on what to do if you find a fraudulent website can be found in the Mediacenter section.

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