Results of the Real Project School competition

On April 21, the final of the Real Project School competition took place. The competition gives school students the opportunity to work on projects and applied research based on real tasks from employers. The projects were defended online.

The competition began in October 2019 with the Case Expo where 70 employers offered 90 tasks in programming, education, gamification, PR, marketing, robotics, internet of things, augmented reality, social responsibility, psychology, volunteering and other categories.

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ was one of the employers. It suggested children develop game modules on digital technology for the Explore the Internet & Govern It educational website.

The teams have been working on their modules for six months, and two of them made it to the final. After the final defense, the results are as follows:

  • 1st place: the joint team of schools No. 1561 and No. 2114 (Moscow) for their project on Universal Acceptance
  • 2nd place: the Smolensk Regional Technological Academy team for their project on internet culture

“We liked what both teams did very much: the topics were interesting and the projects went into great detail. However, during the defense, the team from Moscow was a little more convincing; they managed to work on a difficult topic – Universal Acceptance – and then present it interactively. They also surprised us by testing their games on a focus group of their classmates; they say the tests show the material can be learned easily. We believe that both modules will be good additions to the website of the Explore the Internet & Govern It project and thank both teams for this,” said Coordination Center Project Manager Tatyana Novikova, who took part in the defense as a member of the expert commission.

The winners will be awarded useful devices, souvenirs and certificates from the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ. Moreover, once the winning teams’ modules are fine-tuned, styled and programmed, they will be added to the website of the Explore the Internet & Govern It project, in the Knowledge section, with copyrights.

The Coordination Center has taken part in the Real Project School for the fourth time. School teams have already created six game modules as well as numerous tests for a training mobile application and rounds of the Explore the Internet & Govern It educational quiz.

In 2019-2020, the Real Project School competition took place for the eighth time. Its traditional organizers are the School of New Technologies and the Moscow departments of information technology and education. Oleg Deripaska’s Volnoe Delo Foundation is the general partner.

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