Internet Governance: Youth vision

The series of youth internet governance seminars, which organizers intended as a pilot version of the Internet Governance School, has been completed. After the expert sessions on April 4 and 5, the participants had to study the topics raised in themed sessions and form an opinion on them. At the final webinar, their proposals were outlined in a final consensus document. The proposals reflected their opinion on the main topics.

The participants agreed that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and its algorithms must be controlled by society as well as the introduction of this technology. Regarding data governance, the government and businesses should make a greater effort to inform users as to who can use and access their data, where it is stored and how it is protected. The participants also focused on cybersecurity and spoke in favor of a wide and active role for businesses and society in discussing and implementing cyber standards at the global and regional levels.

Finally, the participants called for encouraging young people to get more involved in internet governance, especially in the areas they have concerns about. To do this, they will need to talk about current programs and grants and hold additional educational and discussion events like this seminar.

The full version of the final document is available here.

Webinars can be found at the Youth IGF Russia channel.

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