Another tour of the Explore the Internet & Govern It! quiz: Everything about innovations

The quiz at the .RU/.РФ Coordination Center’s educational portal Explore the Internet & Govern It! has been replenished with another tour, the 12th. The questions were put together by partners of the Rostelecom Lyceum online service of distance learning for grade 1 to 11 schoolchildren.

The new tour includes the following subjects: artificial intelligence and neuronets, robotics technology, virtual reality, digital investment, application of innovation technology in everyday life, the healthcare industry and other topics too.

Answering the quiz questions that at first may seem complicated, one can learn a lot of interesting facts. For instance, do you know that the word “robot” has Slavic roots; the first stereo film was first publicly screened in1922, already, and neuronets have learnt to write decent poems?

Some of the questions are based on amusing stories about IT-giants: it just so happens that one of them leased a herd of goats to graze on the campus grounds in order to keep the grass from getting too long so that a lawn-mower would not be needed. At the same time the lawns would also get sufficient fertilizer; and another one built a mini-soccer field and a movie theater in his office.

Every user is allowed to take part in the quiz. All you have to do is register or get authorization via the project site. Our recommendation is to use the quiz as a family pastime, which is especially relevant now, during the stay-at-home period of time.

For you to know: the Explore the Internet & Govern It! project is being implemented by the Coordination Center supported by the Rostelecom, starting 2012. Its main objectives are to enhance the users’ digital literacy, clear the digital gap in the society and to develop skills of using the internet technology efficiently. The project is based on the internet portal giving a detailed idea of internet-related subjects and digital technologies. The project also includes a mobile training application, a quiz, an internet terms dictionary as well as online contests.

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