Internet for All now available to everyone

Today, April 7, 2020, the 26th anniversary of the Russian ccTLD .RU, the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ uploaded the full version of the documentary, Internet for All. The film with 11 stories about people whose lives changed drastically thanks to the internet and new technology is now available to everyone.

The film, Internet for All, was shot in 2019 by the Social Film Foundation to mark the 25th anniversary of the .RU domain. It tells the story of how the internet influences the lives of common (and not so common) people. For some protagonists in the film, the internet became a social elevator, where they learned new things or even a profession, while others found families and friends or implemented environmental projects or even became famous.

The film premiered in September 2019 at the Cinema House in Moscow, and last November Internet for All opened the Growing Up Together Russian Festival of Educational Cinema in Chelyabinsk. Special screenings were held in seven Russian regions with a total audience of 2,500.

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