Webinar participants discuss topical internet development issues

On April 4-5, the second part of the youth internet governance seminar took place, once again as webinar. Industry experts and scholars were invited to speak about the most topical issues related to algorithms, data, security and internet fragmentation.

On April 4, Karen Kazaryan (RAEC) and Alexei Turobov (National Research University Higher School of Economics) explained the prospects, problems and risks related to the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms in various spheres of our life. After that, the participants in the webinar together with Alexander Vysotsky (Yandex.Taxi), Polina Kolozaridi and Dmitry Muravyov (National Research University Higher School of Economics) discussed data management and its relationship with internet governance. At the end of the day, Mikhail Klimarev (Internet Protection Society), Mikhail Anisimov (ICANN) and Artyom Gavrichenkov (Qrator labs) shared their experience of participating in multistakeholder internet governance projects as members of civil and technical communities, and listed programs young people can take part in.

ICANN Head of Global Stakeholder Engagement for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Mikhail Anisimov described in detail the kinds of stakeholders and how they interact. He also spoke about ICANN’s activities and invited the webinar participants to take part in the Fellowship and NextGen youth programs.

On April 5, Andrei Yarnykh (Kaspersky Lab), Artyom Gavrichenkov (Qrator labs) and Yelena Chernenko (Kommersant) discussed important topics with the participants in the webinar: cyberweapons, internet attacks and secure data transfers, as well as measures to minimize the risks and strengthen the stability of cyberspace discussed by states and the private sector at the international level. The participants and Alex Semenyaka (RIPE NCC) spoke about the duality of the internet – its globalism and localness – as well as initiatives to re-decentralize the internet and make it more user-friendly. Finally, Andrei Romanov and Ilona Stadnik (Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ) summed up the results of the 2019 Global Internet Governance Forum in Berlin, and some participants shared their impressions.

The seminar will conclude on April 11, when participants will have to study the topics raised by experts and form an opinion on them. The results will be presented at the final webinar on April 11.

The seminar and presentations are available here.

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