European registries’ experts test their online literacy

Stockholm, Sweden, is the venue of the 31st Marketing Workshop of the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR). The event with over 30 participants representing CENTR member registries, including the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ started on February 6 and will come to a close on February 7. The Swedish national registry .SE hosts the event at its HQ.

During the first day of the workshop, Head of External Communications at Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, Mikhail Anisimov, together with Head of the Coordination Center’s social projects, Viktoria Bunchuk, presented Learn the Internet, Manage It! game and the opportunities offered by this educational project for helping internet users improve their digital literacy, as well as promote .RU and .РФ country-code domains. After the presentation, participants at the CENTR workshop were offered the chance to try out the game, and to determine who is better tuned into the fundamental workings of the internet and information security, the history of the internet and current online trends. Only three people volunteered to take part, but the game was still engaging and interesting.

In 2017, the Coordination Center’s social and educational project Learn the Internet, Manage It! was shortlisted for the CENTR Award in the Greater Online Good Category. Although it did not win at the time, the nomination helped to promote it in Europe and internationally, so that the contest was no longer confined to Russia. Efforts are underway to design an English-language website for the game that will be available to school and university students from other countries.

Learn the Internet, Manage It! is a social and educational project. Developed by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, it includes an educational module presenting information on devices, opportunities and functioning of the internet, as well as a National Online Championship for school students. In 2020, the contest will take place for the ninth time.

CENTR is an association of European national registries playing a major role in representing the interests of European TLD registrants at the international level. The Coordination Center is a CENTR member, and attends its annual conferences and workshops with a view to reaching common ground among the council’s members on various matters related to the operation of national registries.

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