Explore the Internet & Govern It online tournament included in Cadet Spartakiad categories

The closed Russian online tournament, Explore the Internet & Govern It, held between cadets (7–11 grades) was reviewed on December 16. The participants had to complete several tasks at different levels of complexity within 60 minutes. The tasks were on domains, domain industry management and maintenance, the 25th anniversary of .RU and Runet.

The tournament was held as part of the 2019/20 Cadet Spartakiad, which is an annual event with a regularly changing format and four independent categories.

The Explore the Internet & Govern It online tournament was one of them in 2019.

During the year school students will also have to:

  • Perform the normative exercises of the Ready for Labor and Defense Russian Fitness and Sports Complex (GTO), including jogging, shooting, and pushups.
  • Take part in the museum and historical online quiz, Memorable Dates and Important Events in the History of Russia.
  • Participate in three tactical team actions in the Cybercadets online sports competitions: World of Tanks, FIFA and Caliber online games.

Following all the categories, the teams with the best results in each grade will take part in the Cyber-Lightning military and patriotic game, with elements of information security.

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