The film Internet for All presented at UIC 2019

On November 27, Izhevsk was the venue of the Digital Transformation of Business: Tools and Technologies seminar involving 300 experts in marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

The seminar took place as part of the 10th Udmurt Internet Conference (UIC2019) and a series of festive events devoted to the 25th anniversary of .RU. The organizer was Picom, an Izhevsk-based IT company supported by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ.

The seminar opened with the screening of the documentary Internet for All, filmed by the Social Cinema Foundation at the request of the Coordination Center specifically for Runet’s anniversary. This is a collection of short stories about people who made their dreams come true and achieved success thanks to digital technologies and the internet in particular.

“Among the characters in the film, there are also your countrymen like the Buranovskiye Babushki band from the village of Buranovo in Udmurtia. They first became famous thanks to the internet, where they posted their covers of rock hits performed in the Udmurt language,” Yevgeny Pankov, head of special projects of the department for work with registrars and users of the Coordination Center, said presenting the film. We plan to carry on filming the sequel. Therefore, if you have a story about how the internet changes lives, let us know, and perhaps it will become part of the script.”

Yevgeny Pankov also took part in the practical part of the conference, by presenting his report, ccTLDs .RU/.РФ: What Internet Business Should be Aware of. He spoke about the rules for choosing and registering domain names, precautions when working with domains, and also generally about protecting business interests online.

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