The Internet helps

On November 5, the documentary, The Internet for Everybody, had its third regional premiere, at the 1st Growing Up Together National Educational Film Festival in Chelyabinsk. Created by the Social Film Foundation at the request of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ in time for the 25th anniversary of the Russian national domain .RU, the film opened the festival program.

Coordination Center Director Andrei Vorobyov presented the film. Vorobyov spoke about Runet’s anniversary and the essential role of the internet in everyone’s lives, in a video message. After the screening, CCTLD Project Manager Tatiana Novikova and Social Project Manager Viktoria Bunchuk spoke about the concept of the film, its characters and the filming process. They also presented festival organizers with framed postage stamps commemorating the 25th anniversary of the .RU domain.

On November 6, a screening of The Internet for Everybody was held at the Kvantorium Children’s Technopark for school and university students, followed by the roundtable discussion, “Children, youth and family on the internet: Risks and benefits.” The discussion was attended by representatives of the Chelyabinsk Region Ministry of Information Technology and Communications and the Chelyabinsk Region Directorate of the Federal Supervision Service for Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), and Christian Gautellier, Director of the International Educational Film Festival (Évreux, France), the official international partner of the Growing Up Together festival. Christian Gautellier talked about developments in cybersecurity for children and teenagers in France.

CCTLD Social Project Manager Viktoria Bunchuk presented several youth initiatives and projects from the Coordination Center, including domain .ДЕТИ and “children’s internet,” the Explore the Internet and Govern It! game, the CCTLD Youth Council, information culture forums, contests, competitions, national digital literacy contests and the special anniversary events that the Coordination Center has held and will hold in 2019. Detailed reports on these projects are included in a special supplement to the Vneshkolnik magazine published this fall. Copies of the supplement were presented to the officials from the Chelyabinsk Region Directorate of Roskomnadzor.

Finally, directors and organizers of the festival thanked the Coordination Center for TLD.RU/.РФ, the Social Film Foundation and the producer of, The Internet for Everybody, Andrei Vorobyov, and film director Mikhail Komlev.

Festival director Alexei Kislyakov noted that The Internet for Everybody has become a landmark event for the festival: “It is a contemporary film that covers various aspects of technology and human interaction. The film shows how the internet can help people realize their potential, and I really hope there will be a sequel. The main message of the film is that the internet helps.”

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